Voice Chat

Custom solution for the web applications

Chat Service allows subscribers to talk/ chat over SMS / Voice anonymously (which means by sharing only there virtual identities as created by them and never giving out the mobile numbers). A full bodied, well researched, complete user interface makes Chat Zone an exhilarating experience;

Available seamlessly over SMS & Voice it provides subscribers a choice of media at various stages.

  • Subscriber dials IVR Short code XXXX;
  • Creates his profile by answering simple questions like age, sex, location etc. through IVR DTMF inputs;
  • Creates desired Friend’s profile by answering similar questions;
  • Subscriber then records a short prompt on himself/herself for others to hear and chose from;
  • Asked if he would like other subscribers to be able to call him/her. Y/N input taken over DTMF;
  • On successful registration subscriber sent SMS telling him his ID – 4XXXXABCDEFG(Unique 7 digit numeric id appended to 5XXXX); and
  • Preferred medium for registration is Voice for its interactivity. Communication to be primarily about dialing XXXX.
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