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Pay4Me is a value added service which could be very useful for prepaid and postpaid customers running out of credit in account. This service requires the called party to agree to pay for the calling party. This is made possible by opening a number wherein outgoing barred customers can call and can log their request to get connected to the other party which will pay for him/her. A party with the low balance can call on B party number by prefix a toll free short code say 123 to the B party number. If B-party have the sufficient balance in his account to attend the call then we connect both parties. This Service can be availed by barred prepaid subscribers (A Party) by calling over a toll free number on IVR System. IVR will call the B-Party and will confirm where he/she is ready to pay for the A-party. In case he/she (B Party) agrees, IVR connect both parties and will debit B’s account for the successful conversation b/w both parties. This product is fully tested as we have already integrated PAY4ME with many telecom operators.

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