SMS based Mobile Voting

Custom solution for the web applications

SMS based mobile voting is a way to ask your user to vote for any of the options. For example if you want to create a poll like this.

Which is your favourite holiday destination?

  • Shimla
  • Kerala
  • Kashmir
  • Goa

Here users can vote for any of the four destinations by sending a message in a format consisting Options

Example: VOTE A or may be only send A

Where A is the choice users wish to vote for.

The number of vote received for each option is shown in real time as soon as our system receives the voting response from the user phone as a reply. These responses are stored in the application database and a detailed analytics report is provided on all your current running campaigns. That means if you create a voting campaigns application will manage everything in ordered manner with details of every user voting for your campaigns. It will be stored in application database that will remember the votes for years!

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