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Custom solution for the web applications

Mobile payment solution from SM Code This service has the facility to accept all major cards and can record cash transactions. To help build your customer database, the app completes customer address fields for published landlines. The app can handle taxes, tips, and can record transactions offline. You can use the service month-to-month.

Instead of tapping your credit card on the NFC machine at the checkout counter, all you have to do is wave your Smartphone or tap it on the machine to make your payments.

By adding mobile payments to your website or mobile app means the consumers will associate the innovation, excellent experience and convenience of mobile payments with the bank and its brand, not a third party wallet.

Whenever you buy something online, receive money from a friend, or send your share of the bill, the app will send you an instant notification to help you keep on top of it all. And however you fund your transaction, whether it’s with your bank or PayPal balance, credit or debit card, it’s all accounted for here in one simple, secure place.

SM Code's Mobile Payment gateway consultation simplifies how you move and manage your money. Contact Us Now, to avail our services.

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