Mobile Coupon

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Mobile coupon is among the top trending marketing way to attract customers by throwing attractive offers using electronic/Text coupons sent to them via SMS that can be easily converted into discounts and rebates with the promoter in store or either online. It can be buy code sent to customer with some free credits. Code sent to customer for encouraging them to buy using Money-off, Free, Buy-One-Get-One-Free, Multiple-Purchase, Time-Release, Self-Destruct marketing methods.  These are mostly used to boost sales by retails stores, cinemas and big shopping malls to attract buyers toward their brand. Our script support variety of options when it comes to setting up your Mobile Coupons campaign, so that you can create Mobile couponing buzz through.

  • SMS coupon, you can send Coupons to your targeted contacts using our system.
  • Subscribe for Coupon, You promote you Keyword using SMS marketing, Flyers marketing, Online and ask your customers to send those Keywords to your Short code.
  • QR code, you can easily manage Coupon using QR codes customer just need to scan QR code to get their Mobile coupon.

These ways are implemented within our application that completely helps you to manage and track your conversion rate and targeted customers, subscribers to your keywords and user redeeming via QR codes.

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